March 16th, 2021

Oregon Coast 1

A not-bad day.


We're allowed to be tired.

To be sad.

To be wrung out.

This past year has, in the parlance, been A Lot. We're allowed to remember that.

Take care. We can hope for progress, for recovery, for our very breathing to be easier than it's been.

* * *

As for me, I got outside today, unlike yesterday (which was a cleaning day, so I was still productive). Bussed to SE 37th and Hawthorne in the late morning and got a sandwich from Fried Egg I'm In Love, plus some Stumptown Coffee horchata-flavored cold brew. I wandered the neighborhood, getting to see some scenery I see less than the scenery in my neighborhood, before deciding it made sense to do a grocery errand at the Hawthorne Freddy's. Bus ride home, early dinner, and an evening walk followed.