March 19th, 2021


To Feel Better: Travels and Amusements

Last night I had a sad dream.

And, ideally, in the future when I reread this entry I'll no longer remember why this dream was sad. Sometimes I want to remember the details of my dreams (which are often both vivid and matter-of-fact), sometimes I don't. When I woke up today, feeling a little sad and down, I wanted to improve my mood.

The first thing to help improve my mood was this: an animator redoing a lovely scene from the Disney film Tangled, where Rapunzel and Flynn this time are, um, ducks:

(The animator did the singing, too, by the way.)

As I try to do on Fridays for house-related reasons, I went for what became a long walk. And my mood improved because soon after I left the house, I was across the street from Mt. Scott Park when Lisa Wood and Brian Wood shouted at me. We finally ran into each other again! They've lived nearby, though I hadn't known exactly where, but hey, there they were. They were walking their dog, so I got to see them (and carefully hug them) plus meet their dog. You know I like dogs. You know I like Brian and Lisa. Nice to know they're around.

I walked a lot more after that. Up to Division and Cesár E. Chavez Blvd. — I'd considered stopping at Tom's Restaurant for breakfast, but changed my mind as the diner had plenty of people — then up to Hawthorne. (I got cheap deli food from Fred Meyer for my breakfast.) Then to Belmont, up it and up Morrison too, as I walked and looked around. I got as far north and west as SE Stark and MLK Blvd., in the Central Eastside. I could have gone to My Father's Place but decided not to, and headed back to my neighborhood, mostly by the # 14 bus. Stopped to get food and coffee from Space Monkey Coffee, which I like to support.

* * *

Backing up! I use this blog in part nowadays to record where I've been during this pandemic. I hadn't updated on Wednesday so I'll note it now:

Wednesday I did two trips: in the morning to the library, to return some books and pick up the novel True Grit, then to Space Monkey. In the afternoon, I bussed first downtown then to North Portland (Bridge City Comics), back to the Hawthorne neighborhood for early dinner at the Space Room, then walking up to the Portland Cider Company pub at SE Hawthorne and 37th. I like cider beers, and they're a source I wanted to try. After that, home. Thursday I stayed home.