April 20th, 2021

Whale fluke

George Floyd

George Floyd should still be alive.

Officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd. We had video proof. We've had over ten months of protest, much of that sustained protest in many cities like Minneapolis and Portland, over the brutality that led to George Floyd's death. And now, in some semblance of relief, we have a guilty verdict for Chauvin, on each of three counts.

But the true justice, again, would have been George Floyd alive.

We reached a guilty verdict today. We reached a level of accountability that so many Americans could not be sure we'd get. But in one case, out of thousands.

George Floyd and so many others should be alive.

...I'm not feeling articulate at all about this. I'm sloppily noting it here because it needs to be noted, with better words and thoughts than mine.

But the tension of learning that the Chauvin verdict would come down today, the stress of waiting, the worry that maybe it would still lead to a Not Guilty...yeah, for part of this afternoon I was not very useful. I waited, watched my feed and worried. Then, three Guilty verdicts in a row, and taking deep breaths and crying as I, as did so many others, started to process the news.

Afterwards, I did what I could to be active. Two afternoon walks, in the warm and blue-skied Portland day. The first to Popeye's for a chicken piece lunch I'd delayed because I wanted to see the news when it happened; then, a visit to the nearby improvised labyrinth at SE 65th and Ramona that was laid out in the shallow pit where a house used to be. I walked in and out of the labyrinth twice, and while I did so I nudged some of the rocks with my foot because they'd been moved from the sides of the path. Now more of those wayward rocks line the path again. It was a small fix, but I at least provide a small fix.

Now to wind down, and rest, and be rested for tomorrow, I hope.