June 6th, 2021

NCC-1701 Regula



Fully vaxxed. I'm now two weeks past my second dose of Pfizer, which means my body is now at its most prepared to Keep Not Getting Sick From COVID.

I haven't been up to much during the past week. Errands, walks, reading, eating. A nice thing was treating myself Friday to bar steak at My Father's Place, which has limited indoor seating again (last time I was there, in December, I'd sat outside just enough under an umbrella to keep out the drizzle). An annoying thing is that day, somehow Palpatine returned my phone stopped sending texts, telling me Message Blocking was on. I'm not sure how it got turned on, or why; if it persists I'll call my service and ask what to do.

Today, to celebrate my vacciversary (it's my blog and I'll mash together words if I like), I didn't do much, but I did a bit. I walked, stopping first at Carnelian Coffee then going up, down and near Foster Road for a ways, as I often do. Cool, blanket-cloudy day; I got briefly drizzled on, but just briefly. We've since had some breaks in the clouds, which makes reading in my room easier (don't have to turn on the light yet). I also thought. I now have fewer — well, a few fewer — limits on what I can do. Being fully vaccinated, I can visit other people who are fully vaccinated and not be masked. Not sure when I'll first do that, but: it's possible. Though, for now, on the bus or in a grocery store and in several other circumstances, I'll be masked.

Not there yet. But, again, relievedly, closer.
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