June 18th, 2021

Cartoon Chris

Another little Something

For a few reasons, at the moment I can't use a desktop computer at home. Certain online stuff's easier to do on a desktop than on my (soon to be replaced, really) iPad, but for over a year my easiest access to a desktop hasn't been available. I couldn't go to a county library branch to use one.

I can now.

I did now, today. Just after noon, after spending time at and near Space Monkey Coffee for breakfast, I walked to the Holgate library branch and asked (nicely) if I could use a desktop. One was available! And I was able to use one for an hour.

It felt like tiptoeing back to something closer to normal, and I appreciate that. I appreciate any signs of that.

Plus, I got out for some walks, which felt good on this warm, blue-sky day.