June 21st, 2021

Good Omens

Hot hot heat

Portland and the rest of the Pacific Northwest are getting hot. The question is whether it'll get hot or it'll get record-breakingly hot, but no matter what, hot. Forecasters have said there's a chance for a "heat dome," which sounds like Texas's worst theme park, over our heads for several days. Unless something drastically changes, or Superman uses his freeze-breath to freeze the surface of the Columbia River then drops the ice on us to make a rainstorm, we'll be getting triple-digit heat soon.

So we're preparing. Plenty of freezer ice. Plenty of water to hydrate. Not too much beer or whiskey, at least for me. This morning I woke up early, opened the front door, and sat near it as cool morning air migrated in. (I dropped it three degrees F in the house! Woo hoo!) I'll do the same tomorrow; already have the alarm set.

Maybe one of these days I'll go to a movie, as theaters are open. One really hot hot day in summer 2018 I went to the multiplex at Clackamas Town a Center and watched Teen Titans Go To The Movies, Deadpool 2, and The Incredibles 2, making as much of a day of it as possible. Ooo, sounds good.

(Reminder, Chris: it's healthy to sweat...)