September 14th, 2021

iAm iSaid

Progress with my tech

I'd been putting it off and muddling through and putting it off and muddling through and...repeat that for a bit. What I mean is, I've needed to get a new iPad for a while, and today, finally, I bussed downtown and talked to an Apple Store employee and got several questions answered and finally, finally, ordered a new tablet.

I pick it up in a week and a half. And this tablet (3rd-generation iPad from 2012, handed down from my dad when he upgraded his), as crotchety and temperamental as it has been, is still behaving correctly in one important way: it updates just fine to its cloud backup, so when I get the new one, transferring data from the old to the new should be manageable.

And then I'll have better tech, and better access online. Phew.

Speaking of phew, I finished watching a sports documentary tonight to find that the California recall election has failed decisively. Thank you, California.