September 22nd, 2021

Whale fluke

Not helpful, SURVIVOR dream

I semi-regularly have dreams where I am either a contestant on Survivor or a crew member on Survivor. Had one last night. I was a player, and play had started, but host Jeff Probst was giving us almost no direction about where we were, what we were doing, what the challenges were, or anything. He directed our attention to a clue written on a wall...and that clue vanished like disappearing ink before any of us could read and assimilate it.

We tried playing, but there wasn't much to do. In trying to find what to do, I somehow walked completely off the filming location, got on a bus, and rode through a quaint small American town (it was cute!) to a coastline. Looked kind of like a part of the far north-Oregon Coast. But yes, I went back to the Survivor location, and just before I woke up we contestants were given something to do, involving us going inside an old abandoned but still spic-and-span clean McDonald's. And when I say old, I mean the restaurant still had the ashtrays.

I realized after I woke up that this dream combined at least three recurring locales I dream about: a Survivor location, a coast like looks a lot like the Oregon Coast, and old fast food restaurants. This probably in some way tells you a lot about me.
Whale fluke

A poem, tried

by Christopher Walsh, 9/22/2021

someone needs that more than me
someone- more needs than me
someone ----needs
someone ----me

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