Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Think healthy thoughts

Weird couple of days, including today. I feel "off." While I was running an errand unexpectedly early this morning — meaning, an errand I thought I'd be doing this afternoon or evening became WHOA A MORNING ERRAND with about 20 minutes' notice — I was feeling that way. I also was, and still am, cranky, so I'm trying to be patient with myself. As a small reward for taking care of the errand, I told myself At least get a small breakfast out...except that what I chose, at a place I usually like, was my wrong choice.

(I got an omelette. I didn't realize that at least this particular omelette comes with Hollandaise sauce. I don't like Hollandaise sauce, and found the entreé unappetizing, finishing just my hash browns. I feel guilty for not cleaning my plate.)

And before that, while heading from the place where I did the errand to the restaurant, in other words while I was in transit, I scanned my TriMet card at a MAX station and got declined. Turns out I'd used my last $2.50 on it last Wednesday, when I rode the bus home from watching World Cup football at Beulahland. Luckily I wasn't boarding right then and had time to buy a ticket to get home, but it was another road block in the running of my day.

It hit me while I was on the bus: I can, can, mind you, feel like this when I'm about to get sick. Low and uncertain appetite, crankiness, moodiness (as expressed by thinking of the more melancholy lyrics to Hamilton): these could be signs. I'm hoping that's not the case, and also luckily I can take it easy today. I hope I'm well.

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