Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

And another poem.

To the Huge
by Christopher Walsh, 6/28/2018

We can think big. We can.
We have.
Some of what's in the world was mysterious. Now it's not,
Since we learned more about it.
A mystery once? That rice is a food.
That took effort. Earlier people made the effort. Now we make rice.
Another mystery once? What the Moon looks like.
We had to go there to be sure:
Its land's more rounded, less jagged, than we'd thought.
It took thinking big to reach it:
How strong a rocket's needed?
How to keep alive and healthy?
What math would lead us to the best flight paths?
We put the universe into numbers
And figured it out.
(Numbers are already in the universe.
Math is one way to understand it.
We learned that, too.)
What holds up clouds; do gorillas exist; why do our minds get ecstatic or depressed:
We didn't always know.
We learned.
We learned a lot.
We're learning.
We want to. We have to. We need to.
We know: what can, what's yet to, be known
Can be huge.

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