Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Breaking my usual rule of not blogging about house stuff:

We just had to deal with a crow that flew into the house.

INTO. Through the open front door and over into the living room.

I closed doors to other parts of the house while it, after trying to get out via the picture window and finding it couldn't, stood in a corner. Blinking. And I hoped it wouldn't fly any farther in,

I spent part of tonight in a staring contest with that crow. Then I got help and one of the landlords helped the crow get out, with minimum fuss.

The crow might be one of the crows nesting in the tree in front. Maybe it's a juvenile, who doesn't (OR DIDN'T) know not to fly in. Anyway, it's out now. I hope it now knows not to do that.

And I hope I properly cleaned up the small bit of bird shit it shat while it was in here.

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