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It was sunny on the Coast. ALL THE SUN.

Sunday, I road-tripped. I have the sunburn to prove it, but that I won't show.

After getting my car's oil changed Saturday, I wanted to drive a longer way. It's hot in Portland, so a morning drive sounded good. I quickly settled on a Sunday morning drive to Seaside.

I think that was the longest I've driven in a single trip in this car since maybe September 2016, and that trip was to a Kalama, Washington restaurant I'd meant to revisit, followed by going a little farther up to Longview and crossing the bridge to drive down Hwy. 30 back to Portland. My Sunday trip was more than twice that distance.

I took my time — traffic out of town on the Sunsrt Highway was steady but manageable, and cops were out in force giving speeding tickets — and, for instance, stopped at a view point along Hwy. 26 in the forests of the Coast Range. Once in Seaside, I parked at the northern end of the Promenade, briefly went out onto the beach, then went back to the car, got my hat, and walked. For the first time I walked the entire length of the Prom, then doubled back on roads about a block off of the beach.

At the suggestion of a friend who has a family home in Seaside, I got a good lunch at Grizzly Tuna, a drive-up shack. Fish tacos and fries on the side of Hwy. 101. I then got more food and something caffeinated (a side salad, a hash brown and an iced macchiato) at McDonald's, because I wanted to get online for a bit. And following the Same Neighborhood Rule, I drove up to Astoria, briefly sightseeing while taking pictures. I walked a good distance and, among other things, saw one of the deer that visit the town.

In "only myself to blame" news, I thought I'd covered up enough to avoid a bad sunburn. I hadn't. I started to recover from that by stopping on the way home at the Scappoose Fred Meyer to buy a needed juice (I'd also forgotten my water bottle, which I'd left in the freezer to get chilled), then, once I was back at the house in Portland, having a cool shower then lotioning, lotioning, lotioning. I'LL BE BETTER ABOUT SUNBLOCK NEXT TIME.

I'm feeling lazy, so instead of embedding photos from the trip I'll link to the Facebook album I made of them.