Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Comics! I now have fewer!

I am far, far, far from the most committed comic book collector I know. That said, I subscribe to certain titles*, and I read a fair amount. Some comics I wound up with extra copies of, or I got issues of stories I wound up getting in full through trade editions (multiple issues republished as books), or maybe I got sample issues of series I never got into... Turned out, I had a lot of single-issue floppies. A lot.

My library accepts them. Luckily.

For months I've been filling a reusable shopping bag with issues I no longer needed or wanted. Yesterday I pushed through and checked a whole bunch of comics to decide if I wanted to keep them or donate them. This afternoon, I schlepped the (decently heavy) bag to the branch nearest to where I live, and double-checked if I was meeting all the library's donation guidelines. I was: the floppies are in good shape, and I didn't have more than two boxes' worth of them, which is the limit each branch can take at a time for space reasons.

After this, maybe the library will recycle them, or resell the issues, or monetize them some other way so that my library is a little better funded. Good; it's a good library system.

* The shop where I have my pull list, Bridge City Comics, knows to order for me any comics David Walker writes, which has included Luke Cage, several Planet of the Apes series, two different Shaft stories (written with the permission of Ernest Tidyman's widow), the currently-running YA superhero story Superb, and more.
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