Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Movies in Five (5) Words

Because it amuses me to do so:

Dude bowls, fights nihilists, tokes.

Jedi returns, Sith die. Party!

Mega Maid sucks, then blows.

Alien probe and whales talk.

Rich Rodney nails dive, exam.
(I first wrote "Rich Rodney nails dive, teacher," but I think he and Sally Kellerman's character never in fact hook up.)

Bereft of stapler, he avenges.

‪Find the Grail nowadays? Mmmmmmaybe.‬

‪ProVasic. ProVasic? PROVASIC?! ProVasic! ProVasic.‬

New Californian? Learn karate counterintuitively!

‪Living toys fuck up bully‬.

"Shall we play— oh. Nope."

(...I think and hope these are all easy to figure out, but if you want to know which films these are I'll tell you.)

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