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A talk that helped

I first wanted to call this "Good Talk," but that almost always sounds as if you're saying it sarcastically, jokingly, like Jennifer Lawrence saying "Oh. Yeah" and giving that thumbs-up in that GIF. I don't want to do that. (But I'll acknowledge it, partly because the GIF amuses me.)

But a talk that helped: that happened. And...helped.

I went to lunch with a friend I've had since 2010. She's good people. And she had a mostly free day today, so on Sunday we arranged to meet. Neither of us on a clock, she wasn't working today, so we could catch up and simply talk.

We also found out neat and surprising bits about each other; I was happily surprised to learn that she and another friend of mine have known each other for 20-some years. I had no idea they had that connection. And she learned stuff about me.

I had words, it turned out, that I needed to get out, to someone who was a neutral party on the subject. I won't say what we talked about. My words weren't bad words, but to be both blunt and circumspect, I'd be a jerk if I said them in certain contexts. Here, with this friend, I could say them and get clear-eyed feedback.

I'll say this much about why we had the talk: I wanted to make sure that on a certain subject, I don't become an asshole.

* * * *

More about today:

Since I drive to the lunch place, I wanted to drive other places, too. I left a couple of hours early, to have time to detour over to NW Portland and, out of curiosity, look at a former workplace of mine. It's closed and being renovated for new industrial-commercial uses. The renovation is well underway; the offices at the southeast corner of the three-quarters-block-sized building are gone. I hadn't seen the complex like that before. But, there: curiosity satisfied.

Then back to East Portland, briefly stopping, since I had time, at the Hollywood branch of the county library. I stopped there to look at, and photograph, a wall-sized map of the part of NE Portland where the now-retired author Beverly Cleary grew up and where she set her Henry Huggins and Ramona Quimby novels. I just started reading the Henry Huggins books, which I hadn't read before, and am in the mood to read more by Cleary, including revisiting the Ramona books. In progress...

In the afternoon, after the lunch-talk, I drove more, looking around and stopping at another library on the way home. I use libraries a lot.

Another day, in the books and in the blog.