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The air, for now, is lighter.

The smoke broke.

That layer of ash and grey has, at least for a bit, started to clear. Temperatures noticeably dropped. Portland's skies turned blueish. Not completely true blue, but this evening we didn't have a reddish sun and tonight we don't have a reddish moon.

I didn't completely trust that the smoke is gone — I continue to breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth when outside — but when I heard that parts of Portland were finally in fact getting light drizzle, I went to the car and put the plastic on the open window. If it rains, which it hasn't here yet, I'll keep some of the water out.

I finally got around to a walk (not far, about 15 blocks) tonight, after sundown. The smell we've lived with for days: lessened. Clouds were visible, scattered. Since it was dark and I'd been wearing my dark paisley button-down shirt, I'd thrown a white formal button-down over to be brighter at night. Good idea, I figure.

We're obviously not out of the woods, figuratively or literally. Fires are still big and troublesome all over the West and the Northwest; firefighters are still fighting it. A taste of how it might feel once this fire season is over: relieving.

Take care, everyone still in the path of tire and smoke.