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Personal Truths

It's very on-brand for me...

...that when I went driving yesterday, one of my stated goals was to not just visit the Sandy River in East County, but also stop at a county library branch I hadn't yet been to. (I went to Troutdale, a branch that opened in 2010 in a shopping center. I double-checked the books and media that I had on my For Later list, and saw that the YA book I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest was on the shelves there. Now it's borrowed!)

...that I feel I need some Master PlanTM for seeing the many, many films I haven't seen yet and feel a little weird for not having one, but not having any particular plan for reading the oh so many books I haven't read yet and being OK with saying "Well, I'll see what books are available..."

...that I want to apologize to all the animals that have had to breathe the smoke and ash we've had in the Northwest lately, even though I didn't start any of those fires.

...that I first heard a lot of songs through Weird Al, through either his parodies or his polka medleys. ("Oh; when he sang 'Yah, yah, yah, do the Harlem Polka,' he was redoing 'The Harlem Shuffle,'" I thought maybe last year, nearly 35 years after first hearing Al's version...)

...that I'll make a special trip over to my bamboo plant just to breathe on it.

...that I remember acts of mine years or even decades ago and wish I could apologize for them better than I did back then.

...that I started a poem, writing down a few lines, and told myself it was OK for the poem to be silly, and realized: I have to give myself permission to be silly.