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I felt guilty about something, even though it wasn't my fault. And, now, luckily, that something is solved.

So a while ago I borrowed the first volume collecting a comic book called Whiteout, published in the late 1990s, written by Portlander Greg Rucka, and drawn by fellow Portlander Steve Lieber. Good, talented people, both. It's the story of a U.S. Marshal whose beat includes bases on Antarctica; it was inspired by the question How would you investigate a murder if it happened at the bottom of the world? It's a great, striking comic and I'm glad I read it. I also quickly got it back to the library.

That was in May. A few days after I'd dropped in a Return slot at a library branch, I saw it was still checked out to me. It hadn't yet gotten to where the library was asking me to return or renew the book, but: I'd returned it. To cover my bases, I went back to the same branch and let them know, and I appreciate that they trusted me. (Really, I was worried about that: I didn't want to seem like I was covering up a mistake I'd made!)

Sometime after that, I looked up the book again and was surprised that it wasn't listed as available, for anyone, though it still had holds on it. It was the one copy of Whiteout Vol. 1 that the system had, or, apparently, had had. (The grammar works, really.) So I guessed, and hoped, that the library staffers were still trying to find it.

I'm glad to report that today I checked the library's website and saw that that book is back! And it's in transit to the next reader.

The system worked! And later I can read the Whiteout omnibus that I bought, collecting both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, or the entire series. It's worth it. And now I don't feel like I lost it...EVEN THOUGH I HADN'T.

Anyway. It's good to get books to people.
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