Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"It's snow...snow in the same sector!"

Part of our family's been snowed. Literally.

Our cousins the Paulsens in White Salmon, Washington woke up this morning to eight inches of snow on their hill above the Columbia River Gorge, so Aunt Pat called my mom (her sister) to convey that news. So we're not going up there yet. Maybe we'll do it later today, after a warm front moves through; maybe we'll go tomorrow. "Well, you have snow, you'd better go play in it!" Mom told Aunt Pat.

The Paulsens have a full house: Aunt Pat and Uncle Bill live there with their dog Norm, and both of their kids are visiting: Meg from Seattle and Rob and his wife Birgitte, 6-year-old son Markus and less-than-1-year-old daughter Amelia (argh, I still don't know if I'm spelling her name correctly!). Rob's family lives in Denmark, by the way, so this is a special trip (and their second to the U.S. this year). They all made it to White Salmon well before this weather hit (though Mom tells me that Meg's train from Seattle got delayed because of last week's train closures due to bad weather). Now they can just stay put and enjoy the weather. And we'll stay put and not drive through it.

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