Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
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‪Star Trek Discovery is worth it.‬


‪I indulged over the past several days in a binge-watch of the first season of the show (I signed up for the one-week free trial of CBS All Access, which offers expanded use of the CBS app, including for online shows like DSC). It scratched Star Trek itches of mine I'm not sure I knew I needed scratching. I am impressed with its urgency, its humor, its design, and its commitment to ideals.

Star Trek is important to me. Has been for most of my life. I would have been very frustrated if this show had felt "off," like an imitation of Trek. I know the creation of Discovery was...fraught (he said, understatedly); I hope it can be an easier job for the people making Season 2. And the people who made Season 1 deserve to be proud.

Discovery makes me more hopeful for the planned upcoming show about a retired Picard. Star Trek has many, many more stories worth telling.
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