Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Car Drama 2, The Sequel

So earlier this summer I had a frustrating time because some jackass broke the driver's-side window of my car. My car at the time also wasn't drivable, so I got it to a Honda dealership to get it running again. Yes!

Then I made a decision I wish I hadn't made: I decided to wait to replace the broken-out window, as I wasn't sure how pricey that would be.

On Wednesday, Sept. 12th, I woke up to find the car broken into. The radio: gone. AAAAAARGH. I was angry at whomever got into my car, and frustrated that I made it easier for that whomever person to do so because I hadn't had a piece of glass put back in.

So. The car needed more work. Luckily, the work, like the work earlier this summer, won't be too pricey, and last night the shop I had it towed to called me to let me know it's ready. I could pick it up at end of garage hours last night or this morning.

I opted to pick it up today, on my way to get groceries. Yeah. Well. I walked to the garage (yes, it's within walking distance of where I live) and found that, due to a communications breakdown, the person who could release the car hadn't learned that anyone was picking up a vehicle today, so that person was at another of the company's garages.

Slightly smaller argh, since that wasn't the fault of anyone actually at the shop. The mechanic I spoke with was apologetic, and I appreciated that. Meanwhile, I still wanted to get groceries, so I got to the bus to the Johnson Creek Fred Meyer, bought stuff (an OK coupon-shopping day: 14% off), and bussed home. By the way, on the bus home, I passed the garage and COULD SEE MY CAR. THERE. IT'S THERE. Aaaaaaaaaand I'm getting it back Monday.

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