Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A change to the Media Tour

Soon after I moved to Portland in early 2001, I started what I called "The Media Tour."

At the time, I was glad to see, there were free newspapers I could get any day of the week. In February, when I was starting what turned out to be three years working at the Vesta Call Center in downtown Portland, I'd pass a stand of vending machines on Belmont St. on my way to the bus to there. Mondays was Our Town, with entertainment listings plus reviews, bought the year before by the local company Pamplin Media; Tuesdays was Pamplin's new signature free paper, the Portland Tribune; Wednesdays was Willamette Week, founded in 1974; Thursdays was the then much newer Portland Mercury, founded in 2000 by the owners of the Seattle Stranger; and Fridays was the week's second edition of the Portland Tribune.

I liked having that schedule. I read, I learned about Portland, I first saw movie reviews by Dawn Taylor who'd later become a friend (I first read her review of the film version of Bridget Jones's Diary), and I would get back home later each day and leave the paper for others in the house to read. (This was when I lived in a house near SE 50th and Hawthorne. That house's drama is its own long story; I'm glad I wasn't blogging yet when I lived there.)

Things changed. Our Town, already owned by Pamplin by then, got absorbed into the Friday editions of the Tribune; as the years went on, I decided I wasn't getting much out of the Tribune, so I stopped reading it; and eventually there was a schedule change for the Mercury, where it became a Thursday paper that was more and more often being delivered on Wednesday afternoons then it officially moved to Wednesdays.

The latest change is the Mercury's: following the lead of The Stranger, it's started publishing every other week, not weekly, and has expanded the number of pages and amount of content in each issue. (A slogan they're using, the same as what The Stranger used, was "Half As Often, Twice As Good.") It also moved back to Thursdays. I'll get used to that. Change my habits of what I grab when. Though I don't think I'll be getting the Tribune again.
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