Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Jurassic Copyright

I just answered a question I had 21 years ago.

I only saw 1997's The Lost World: Jurassic Park once, when it aired on network television, and didn't really listen to the John Williams score until last night, when I borrowed it on the Hoopla app. (The app has a lot of John Williams. I approve.) But I'd remembered, when The Lost World was in theaters, a TV ad for a Lost World-related contest, and the ad had a fanfare that was almost, almost, the famous Jurassic Park fanfare. I remembered it for years — I can still hum parts of it — and wondered if it was a variation Williams had done for the sequel. If so, it'd likely be on the soundtrack. Listening to the soundtrack, I confirmed it isn't, so I'm pretty sure it was by some composer who was told "sound as much like Jurassic Park without getting us sued."

I can still learn stuff.

(Aside: I loved dinosaurs as a kid, like so many kids did and do, but that never translated into loving Jurassic Park. Liking, yes: I read (three times) Michael Crichton's original 1990 novel, the first of his books I'd read, and I saw the first film several times in theaters (my first time was with a friend who really did jump in his seat when that raptor appeared behind Laura Dern!) and on video. But my interest dropped off. If I could tell my 1980s self "Hey, there are going to be these films that gross literally billions of dollars about dinosaurs running amok in the modern world and you're mainly going to be kind of 'meh' about it," my 1980s self would be surprised. I prefer Independence Day, honestly.)

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