Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

No, I didn't see a whale this weekend, but I *was* near the Pacific!

I was mobile this weekend. First was a Saturday rapid trip to Oregon City, to shop at a different Fred Meyer than I usually get to plus to visit one of the two remaining Mike's Drive-Ins; second was a longer Sunday road trip, this time to Seaside via Astoria.

Slices of this weekend:

• Luckily I am good with spiders, Parts 1 and 2: a good-sized house spider had been in my bedroom, and since I'm the sort who waves and says "hi!" to spiders, this was fine until Sunday morning and I saw it was just starting a web on my desk. Nope. I gathered it up and carried it to the porch, where it dropped down and walked off. Probably more food options outside. I went back to getting ready for my road trip, then later got in the car, then got as far as the MAX Orange Line overpass above SE Powell when...another spider. (Not the same spider. How big a coincidence would that have been?) A really small spider that had, presumably, been sitting in an air vent on my dash. "You're not going to want to go on a trip," I told it, and pulled over near Southeast Grind, carried the spider out to a tree stump, and let it be.

• I downloaded to my tablet a digital copy of an album you might be surprised to know I never owned back in the day: Prince's Batman. That was my cheesy-but-enjoyable music for the drive out to Seaside. (Driving back, I put on the score to The Force Awakens.)

• I stopped just past a Rainier, Oregon and the bridge to Longview, Washington, and took these pictures. This is where I live.

• A thought I thought after a pit stop in Warrenton: "My mind is clearer, and so is my bladder."

• Seaside still exists, and I can get to it. One of these days I'll stay there overnight again so I can appreciate both a sunset over the Pacific and a sunrise over the Coast Range.

• In Seaside I visited a friend, a friend of that friend (someone I know just a bit), and the friend-of-the-friend's cats, all of whom were there on a trip. (Need me to untangle that?) We hung out, walked around in the day's almost-rain, window-shopped along Broadway, appreciated the still-running carousel in one of the buildings, then had satisfying lunch food, snacks, and drinks in a converted theater, now a newly-opened theater-pub. While we were there the screen was showing NFL football for free; the current film showing there is the worthy Incredibles 2; and later this month it'll host special screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is especially great for a space that's been closed for years.

• I DIDN'T BURN THIS TIME IN SEASIDE. Really thick clouds helped, but I did have sunblock if I'd needed it.

• I left early enough to attend part of a comic book release party back in Portland, at the worthwhile and friendly store Books With Pictures. The store hosted a special event for the new Chelsea Cain comic Man-Eaters. I got to visit Cain again (I've met her a time or two before) and hang out with a bunch of neat people. Then home, and a good night's sleep.

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