Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's possible

Okay, now, hear me out...

Two American Football teams are on the field and in a game. Could be NFL, could be NCAA college football. (Maybe this could happen in the Canadian Football League; I don't know enough about it to be sure. NFL Europe, as it was called for a while, no longer exists.) The team with the ball has fought its way to a 3rd and goal, less than a yard from the goal line. Both teams line up. Ball is snapped. Receiving quarterback slips and can't grab it, and the ball bounces off of his hand high in the air. Scramble ensues. Defensive player on the opposing team picks it up, and starts running for the other goal line. Every player on the field chases him. A player from the team that had possession tackles him, and the ball again pops out. GRABBED BY SOMEONE ELSE ON DEFENSE. More running. More tackling. More ball bouncing. Someone on offense still on the field finally goes "Screw this" and successfully grounds the ball...less than one yard from the goal line opposite from where the play started.

Boom. The team has regained possession. At 4th and 98. Um, yeah, then you're punting. Not happily, but hey, then your team's out of the danger zone.

Technically, under current rules, this is possible. It would possibly be the funniest football play to watch ever, like if teams from the film The Waterboy tried to recreate the Immaculate Reception.

It would also be possible, and possibly also funny, if someday (as explained in minute 18 of this video), an NFL game ended with a score of 6-1.

Yes I know the icon is for the other football. It's the only sports-related icon I have and I'm not in the mood to make another one.
Tags: sport!

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