Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Not a clothes horse. Maybe a...clothes squirrel?*

Underwear is expensive apparently?

I'm looking for more clothes. New clothes, this time, not new-to-me clothes: I feel like the most recent times I've shopped secondhand, I've chosen badly and not paid enough attention to what I was buying. I hoped to buy a few things Thursday, and looked in a couple of places: the one thing I found worth buying was a new belt.

Today I needed groceries, and decided to go to one of the larger Fred Meyer stores, the Hollywood neighborhood one. (The Freddy's nearest me, Hawthorne, doesn't sell clothes, though it used to, BUT I CAN'T GO TO 2005 TO SHOP.) Improving on Thursday, I bought two (two! Two! Aah, aah, aah...) new clothing things: more black dress socks, and grey slacks. I tried a tannish pair of slacks but didn't like the particular color; I also tried jeans that were a little too tight in the crotch. Getting one pair seemed best for budget, spreading-out-my-purchases reasons, so I didn't try to find a different pair of jeans. Those will be later. I need new jeans. Both pairs I have, have holes in awkward places.

I am whittling away at this. Finding what I can find. Though I was surprised at the price of the underwear I considered buying but didn't. Luckily I'm not as short on undies as I am on other things.

*, that doesn't make sense.

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