Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Sometimes, you simply feel down.

For much of today I was more or less a lump. Not getting much done. That was until the afternoon, when I did the semi-monthly cleaning: today, the kitchen. After that (and a quick but satisfying shower), I got out: reading at the neighborhood coffee shop, then walking to the produce stand near SE 82nd and Foster for carrots, a cucumber, and potatoes. I felt better once I was productive.

Except that yesterday I was reasonably productive, but still felt kind of low. I went driving, visiting a comic shop I like then having a good dinner at a new-to-me place that had been recommended to me by people I trust (Yay, I can still trust them! *grins*), then visited the Belmont Goats during their Wednesday open hours. With shorter days now, there was evening light, which made for striking views. This was all stuff I like doing, but I still wasn't feeling all that "up."

I'm not sure what factor or factors led to feeling like that. So I'll simply note it. And work to have tomorrow go better and be better.

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