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A good drive

I took myself driving this afternoon. Out to Gresham then to Troutdale then back into Portland via Sandy Blvd., NE/SE 102nd Ave., SE 92nd (after cutting over, do I have to spell out my route exactly) and other roads before getting home.

The drive went well. Traffic was manageable, no one drove like they were nuts, and I felt more comfortable behind the wheel. That's the goal, as I've said before: get used to driving again after driving so little for over a year.

It means I try to critique my driving: did I do the best thing there? Did I handle that merge well? Am I leaving enough room between me and the car ahead of me? (I've had problems tailgating in the past; I try to avoid it.) How well am I watching for crossing cars and people on foot, on bikes, in chairs and on scooters. I can always do all this better.

While out, I confirmed that the NE 103rd and Sandy Pho Dalat, a Thai and Vietnamese noodle place that used to have two locations, is still open. (I've sometimes eaten at the Pho Dalat in the Hawthorne neighborhood, but that one recently closed.)

It's nice out this afternoon, so I sometimes had a window open (and closed when I wanted less breeze). In short, this went nicely. I'll keep that up and keep trying to drive better.

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