Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Saturday, Oct. 27th

Today: a major replacement appliance delivered to the house where I rent some space; time at the corner coffee shop before today's rains started, hanging out with/around a good crowd of people andgettingsome reading in; then a longer-than-normal-for-me drive, so I could shop at a different Fred Meyer than I typically go to, and see different-to-me scenery while doing so. (Route: Ross Island Bridge to downtown to the Sunset Highway tunnel to Hwy. 217 to Hwy. 99W, so I could go to the Tigard Freddy's. Hadn't been there in years.)

Traffic was, I'm glad to say, manageable, not maddening, even once it started raining.

I've been home for the rest of the afternoon and evening, processing the news, and listening to the rain outside asserting itself. There's plenty of it. It's the beginning of the season that has a lot of it.

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