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Field of Contention

Standard job-hunting frustration: uploading your résumé, then the application tells you (well, asks you, but really, it tells you) to fill in your job history that's, you know, on your résumé. It's a cliché in the digital era, and a lot of businesses do it even though they have to know it's pointless busy work; they perhaps don't care that it is.

The company [FAMOUS AND REDACTED] added to the frustration tonight. I was filling out an application on the company's website, and got to the Job History section. I was toying with adding just one job to the work history then maybe adding a note saying "Rest of job history in résumé," but there were two particular fields: Month/Year started at [previous job], Month/Year finished at [previous job]. And though I pointed and clicked to fill in the "started" field, using the correct format, the "finished" field didn't open to let me fill THAT in. And I got a message saying "Invalid field" and no way to move on.

Maybe I'll try applying to [FAMOUS AND REDACTED] in person instead.