Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I didn't even taste good, and other adventures from my first day as a 45-year-old

There's a particular good, or at least potentially good, thing from today that I decided not to mention yet.

Instead I'll vent about how I started my day by eating and managing to badly scrape with my front teeth the tip of my tongue. (WHILE I WAS EATING SOMETHING REALLY SOFT, TO BOOT.) Luckily, I still have my tongue, as I like speaking, but whoa, this wound calls attention to itself. Okay. It's trying to heal. It will.

Today's also my 45th birthday. Whoa. I didn't indulge much, but I did indulge slightly: I walked up to the Dutch Bros. coffee kiosk at SE 67th and Foster and got my free birthday drink — an almond-flavored iced breve — and because I believe in being a good customer, I also got a granola bar, then tipped based on what the price would have been had the drink not been free. I try not to be cheap.* After that I read in Laurelwood Park, the wedge-shaped green area at Foster and Holgate, and then went back to the house for my next indulgence: a bath.

(My birthday gifts include Swedish Fish, but I let myself have one and I'll wait to have more once my tongue feels less like it has a hole in it.)

For various reasons, I'm pretty tired. I hope I sleep well tonight. I should.

* My friends who used to run Big-Ass Sandwiches, during their first summer operating the cart, agreed to have a GroupOn discount. This almost put them under. People who used the GroupOn ordered as little over the discount amount as possible, and almost always tipped either badly or not at all. I've since refused to use GroupOn on principle.

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