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But first, a leeeeetle annoyance (experienced during football)

As much as I'm on a Kirk-and-Spock-era Star Trek kick right now (I watched the Wrath of Khan DVD extras last night), I don't have to like Hummer using the Alexander Courage Star Trek theme in its latest commercial.

Seriously, it reminded me of David Gerrold's critique of Star Trek in The World of Star Trek, where he mentions the Enterprise's ship corridors were far too wide for a starship that's, essentially, a submarine in space: "The first commandment of space travel is Thou Shalt Not Waste. (There are no other commandments; there are only variations.)" And the Hummer breaks that commandment, right here on the ground.

Yes, I think about this stuff. (I've been a Star Trek fan for 23 years. I'm kind of protective of it.)
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