Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Damnit, subconscious

I'm both a little annoyed and slightly amused when I wake up from dreams and feel I should apologize.

That happened this morning. Dream-Me, while doing other things*, did one particular thing that both A) bothered a friend and B) freaked out a friend of that friend, so my friend told me "What you did? Don't do that." That it was something I don't do in reality wasn't enough of an explanation.

I try to behave well, when awake and when sleeping, because even my dream-self doesn't seem to let me enjoy behaving badly.

At least the dream had of all things an Idiocracy reference (yes, some drink had electrolytes)** so I was at least amused.

* Part of the time while either naked or semi-naked, as so many anxiety or anxiety-adjacent dreams have you do...

** I haven't yet seen Idiocracy, even. But I do have the DVD and know it a bit from reputation.
Tags: dreams
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