Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I went to the water. The water was there. So were birds.

I'm home now. On Thursday morning I drove to Dundee to visit my parents, then the three of us drove to Dayton for Thanksgiving with more of our family. Then Friday was, for me, a road trip: down Hwy. 18 (including the new Dundee Bypass, after I'd backtracked to the Newberg Freddy's to get gas) to Otis Café*, Lincoln City, (for my first time) Pacific City and Cape Kiwanda, then Tillamook for the recently-remodeled Cheese Factory visitor's center.

Why not a couple of videos from the road?

* I hadn't been to the restaurant since 2007. I didn't eat there yesterday because I didn't have the appetite, but I wanted to get a new souvenir from the place since the Otis Café mug I used to have got broken. Instead of a new mug, I got a tote bag, a loaf of the restaurant's sourdough wheat bread, and a brownie.

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