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What You Do, Me Edition

My new job is as a valet at Portland International Airport. I move cars. More specifically, I check people in when they arrive to fly, check their vehicles for any obvious nicks, debts or other damage, park them in either the main garage or certain parking lots, and pick up other vehicles for people who are about to return to PDX.

It's a job with a lot of movement. I don't have to come running to customers like I were working at Les Schwab Tire Centers, but I'm walking a lot, because airports are big places.

I trained for three days in the middle of last week; today was my first full day, and it's a full-time job. My first union job, too. I wear a uniform: shirt, vest, a cool gold tie that has a zipping mechanism so you don't have to tie it but it's not a clip-on either. I also have a company-issued coat, which is good since it's getting colder at the moment.

I'm learning: expanding on my driving skills (though my being able to proficiently drive stick was a plus in my getting hired), learning the job's nuances, and learning how to engage with customers.

This is daunting, but I feel good about the work I did today. I'm being helpful and getting paid for it.
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