Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A period of adjustment

Many years ago, maybe a decade ago by now, I cracked that my blog "is the interesting kind of boring!"

That's in fact not a bad goal. I like that, and am amused by that.

As I settle into this new job, I think my blog entries will be more bite-sized for a bit. That includes not talking about specifics of the job. For instance, I'm literally not allowed to post "OMG guys, [person whose name you'd know] came through today!" posts. I certainly couldn't post pictures of me with the people whose names you'd know. There's a needed presumption of privacy; people don't give up their privacy when they trust valets with their vehicles. Trust is the thing, and the company I'm working for is very careful about that. (And also about making sure we don't use phones while driving. That whole "illegal in Oregon to do so" thing. Safety, plus maybe your phone would trigger the vehicle's media players and the client's car suddenly starts playing your music, which I guess could happen...)

So, no very specific work-related posts, while I do this work. And these past couple of weeks, the partial one last week when I trained and this first full week I'm doing right now, have left my body and brain adjusting to the new types of effort I'm making. I'm pretty tired at the end of each day so far. This should be less of an issue as I get experience and knowledge to help me do this better, and I have more mind power to levitate cars with my brain be creative and blogging.

So, meanwhile, anyway, I'm still here.

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