Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

My James Bond tally

First James Bond theme song I probably heard: "Nobody Does It Better" sung by Carly Simon

First James Bond theme song I heard that I knew was a James Bond theme song: "For Your Eyes Only" sung by Sheena Easton

First Bond film I saw: 1983's Octopussy, in 1984 on cable at a friend's house in Virginia Beach. I think that's where I also saw Roger Moore in Curse of the Pink Panther.

Bond actor I've seen the least, per percentage of films he did: Roger Moore. So far I've seen Octopussy and, at a revival screening in honor of Moore after his death, For Your Eyes Only. So I've seen 28.5% of his output as Bond.

Percentage of Sean Connery's Bond films I've seen: I've seen four, and haven't seen Thunderball or Diamonds are Forever, so 4 out of 6 is 67%. If you count Never Say Never Again, that falls to 57%. Math can be exact.

I've seen 100% of the output of every other actor who's (officially, for Eon Productions and the Broccolis) played Bond. In the late Nineties I saw George Lazenby's On Her Majesty's Secret Service on VHS with my parents. Mom upon seeing Diana Rigg said "She's just a baby!" "So were we in ’68," Dad said with a grin.

Percentage of Bond films I've seen in theaters: I never saw any of them theatrically until 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies, but have seen every Bond film since then in theaters, plus revival screenings of You Only Live Twice and FYEO. Not counting Never Say Never Again or the 1967 Casino Royale, that's 18 out of 25, or 72%. Counting them, that's 67%.

How many Bond novels?: Five so far. In 1997 when I was dating a woman who was a Bond fan, and a "the Connery films or the novels or GTFO" kind of fan (seriously, that she has said Daniel Craig is "okay" is high praise from her), I borrowed the first novel Casino Royale and a three-book compendium of From Russia With Love, Dr. No, and Goldfinger from the library. I read them, and didn't get as much entertainment out of them as I'd hoped so I put Bond books aside for then. For nearly 30 years, in fact, because I didn't try again until fall 2016 when I borrowed and really liked the novel Moonraker. (A reminder in case you forgot that the film of the same title HAS ALMOST NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BOOK except, of course, for the title.) Out of 14 books by Ian Fleming, that makes it 35.7%.

Bond books by other writers I've read: None. (And I've never read any of Fleming's short stories.)

So, like with so many pop-culture things, I could Catch Up with lots of James Bond. I will, by the way. Since Live and Let Die is the earliest Bond novel I haven't read, I'll likely read that first, maybe after seeing the film of the same title.

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