Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Friday, Dec. 14, 2018

Things done today:

Confirming I'd gotten my first paycheck for this job.

Figuring out at least part of the process of using said pay (one and maybe two of my paychecks will go onto a debit card, and I plan to transfer all of that to my usual checking account)*.

Visiting a coffee shop I haven't been to in weeks to be a patron, say hi, and let the owner know I've been working but can come in Fridays and Saturdays (the place closes before I get back from work, and it opens after I start my shift in the morning. "I'm almost too early for me to get Dutch Brothers," I told the owner).

Washed sheets and other laundry.

Walked a bit, though nowhere near as much as I do on the job, but walking is good, and the more you do, the better.

Read more from the 1980 Robert Ludlum novel The Bourne Identity, which I'd borrowed a while ago from Dad and have slowly been working through. Confirmed: I will do my best NEVER to be the target of an assassin.

Got inside before a decently strong wind storm hit Portland, hoping power doesn't go out. Also, I said "trees, be stronger than this wind..."

* I don't know if I've set up a transfer or just set up the process of how I will do the transfer. There. I can be a little clearer.

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