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The weekend winds down

My days off on this new job are Friday and Saturday. If I wanted, I could get extra work shifts some Saturdays; I've already done so once. We'll see. Meanwhile, I'm winding down this weekend.

Friday highlights: I took a bath. I've done that more frequently during this past month doing the job, as it's my most physical job since the print shop in 2012. Oh, I'm getting steps in. *grins* And midday on Friday, I got paid a visit by my folks, who drove up from Dundee for a belated Christmas visit. At my suggestion, we drove up to Bar Carlo for lunch, which I'm glad to say they liked. I hope they like the restaurants and cafés I suggest; once or twice I've guessed wrong and the place has been less satisfying for them. After lunch, they passed Christmas presents to me before heading home.

I prepared for a weekend grocery shopping trip by checking what I needed plus which coupons I wanted to use, then walked in the rain (using my umbrella; using an umbrella is not a sign of weakness) to the produce stand on SE Foster near 82nd for a preliminary grocery purchase, as I do try to shop local. After that, the rain abated, and in a nice little milestone I've earned my TriMet monthly pass, so any trips I make through the end of the month are already paid for: I bussed then walked to Beulahland for dinner, beer, and dessert. I hadn't been to Beulah for a bit. I had sliders, a slice of chocolate bourbon hazelnut pie, and a Narrangasett lager. Then I bussed home, with a detour on foot to the Montavilla neighborhood. Sometime after work some day, I could stop at the Academy Theater for films. This reminded me that the theater is easy to get to.

Today: morning at the neighborhood coffeehouse, then a drive to North Portland to see the Belmont Goats and buy groceries from a Fred Meyer I don't usually get to; and, now, online updates. Hi.


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