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No one asked, Bub

Groceries. After spending my afternoon first at the Belmont library then walking and lollygagging along Hawthorne Blvd. westward to SE 30th and back, I went to the Hawthorne Freddy's and bought two bags' worth of groceries. (Saved 19% via coupons!) I used two of my reusable grocery bags, one printed with road signs, the other printed with acorns, fallen leaves and butterflies. I left the store, got to the bus stop across the street, and boarded a bus a few minutes later.

The guy sitting in the same row of seats I sat in, a row of three seats facing the bus's back door, smiled at me and smiled sort of in the direction of my bags. And out of the blue, that guy said "I wish they had plain bags that don't have patterns."

Not wanting to just ignore him, I said, without looking in his direction, "The key is finding bags with patterns you like."

He then removed the headphones that I hadn't really noticed he was wearing and asked "What?"

"That's okay," I replied. I figured saying "Never mind" would have been overly contentious. I probably would have sounded annoyed saying that.

I am unimpressed with the apparent need to talk simply to hear yourself talk.


Jan. 6th, 2019 10:15 pm (UTC)
People Are Strange...
One of my favorite bits from the show Married With Children was a moment with the cartoonishly-dumb daughter, Kelly, going back and forth between speaking the word, "Speaking" and mouthing the word, "Thinking" as if she needed the reminder of the difference.

Looks like that scene had more of a bit of reality than I thought...