Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Written while not walking around at all

I get around on my days off, too (I have enough TriMet fare for the whole month and I plan to use it!): the 14, 71, and 20 buses to get to Beulahland for breakfast. Walking up from Beulah to the Hollywood neighborhood for an afternoon bank errand, depositing a couple of checks. Library time (note: according to the Hollywood Library's map of locations in Beverly Cleary's books, Ramona Quimby's home is at the corner of NE 28th and Klickitat). Appreciating the smell of ribs at Reo's Ribs, which is reopened. The 12 bus (getting on board to get out of a slight drizzle) to the Roseway Safeway to buy a couple of things plus get cash back from my bank account. Walking from said Safeway to NE 82nd and getting on a perfectly-timed 72 bus back to my neighborhood.

I've been in the house since.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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