Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Good work

I help at work, and not just at the job.

I've found myself in the eatery area in PDX's Clocktower Plaza, where restaurants (and even pseudo-food carts) are open, moving empty chairs closer to their tables. Neatening up, in other words. I may be opening doors for more people now than before. I give directions to people who are lost, which happens a lot: the valet parking booth is on the upper roadway, near where ride-share drivers drop off customers, but ride-shares don't pick up people there, but one floor below on the Arrivals level instead. I and a lot of the other valet people will say "Go back in the terminal, turn left, and take the escalator; you'll see signs for Island 2.")

Today there were two moments I helped people more, both while I was on an escalator. Once I looked down and saw a man walking, phone in hand, towards what he thought was a down escalator but was the up escalator coming from Arrivals/Baggage level. I said, just loudly enough to reach him, "Watch out." He looked up quickly enough to see where he was headed, and he avoided walking the wrong way onto a moving escalator. And then later, as I walked on a pedestrian bridge from the Short-Term Parking Garage after moving a car into it, I saw a person's wallet on the floor. Two woman were ahead, entering the terminal. I grabbed the wallet, quickly peeked in to confirm it was a wallet, and jogged to catch up, hoping the wallet belonged to one of the two women ahead of me, because they were the most likely to have dropped it. (Had it not been, I'm thinking I would have asked one of the airport greeters what happened to Lost and Found items like that.) Thank goodness, the wallet did belong to one of the women, whom I caught up with on the escalator. I handed it back. The other woman said, "They don't let you on planes without I.D." I'd managed to make someone's day and trip easier.

I can feel good about that. And I do.
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