Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

My workweek in five short paragraphs

Iiiiiiiiit's been a week. An up-and-down one, but one that ended with me healthy again, a relief after several days of my body doing stuff I'd rather not think about.

Sunday I stayed home and rested, once I knew I wasn't over whatever sickness I'd had the week before. Full day of work Monday; Tuesday I was fading and worried I was relapsing, so I went home early. Full day of work Wednesday, and I mean full: hectic and frazzling.

And today, relievingly, was almost gentle: steady in a way that was completely manageable.

That said, the way the week had been up 'til now, I will now rest. I want to be at 100% all week next week, not the varying other percentages I'd had this past week (48%! 79.6! 64%! Now maybe, maybe, 93%!), and taking it easy is the way to get to that.

This entry was written in the 8 p.m. hour when I was already in sweats and under the sheets of my bed. My relaxing begun a while ago.
Tags: work

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