Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Recent dreams

Some of what my subconscious has cooked up lately while I was sleeping:

• Me being a part of a season of Survivor and screwing up an important part of the show, and needing to fix this while the show's in production.

• Me visiting a restored 17th-century city — think Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia if it had hills, a wall surrounding it, and an aerial tram in and out, none of which the real* Colonial Williamsburg has — and getting stuck outside the wall at night, when the tram isn't running.

• Me in a theater, seeing a really bad version of the 2018 film Green Book. I've heard enough people say the real film Green Book is bad, and I probably did not improve on it.

* I put "real" in quotes because almost all of Colonial Williamsburg is rebuilt; most of the town's original buildings from colonial days are long gone. It's not quite a Disney-esque recreation of it, because it doesn't have audio-animatronic Patrick Henrys (but wouldn't it be cool if it did?!). Still, there's a limit to how authentic Colonial Williamsburg can be.
Tags: dreams

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