Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Some days are better than others

And today was...kind of "off." Feh.

It started okay, and in a surprising way too, because when I woke up very early I had the feeling I wouldn't be going back to sleep and...I did, getting more sleep. Apparently I could use that rest. I often have trouble getting back to sleep (or, say, having a genuine nap) so this was a relief.

Though waking up late — and not getting out of bed until a quarter past 10:00, which is laaaaaate for me — meant that I'd missed my first planned time to finish a particular job at the house where I live. Luckily, after I showered, I realized I could finish the job then. (I have my reasons for not being very specific about life at the house; I want to stay fair to all the others who live here. That said, I apologize for kind of talking around a lot of what I do and not being specific.)

Anyway. The first moment that my day started to bend in a frustrating direction was when I headed to the bus, and needed to cross three lanes of the under-renovation Foster Rd. I waited to cross, an eastbound driver stopped to let me begin to cross...and three cars heading westbound didn't stop. Maybe the first driver hadn't seen me soon enough to stop and let me finish crossing, but the second and third drivers definitely did. I indulged my passive-aggressive side: I waved at each driver as they drove past. I said, "Hi...Hi...Hi!" Then I went from passive-aggressive to a little more aggressive and flipped off the last car as I finally finished crossing.

People have died crossing this street. I'm glad I'm not one of them, but I'm annoyed by the risk, so yes I indulged being passive-aggressive.

Stewing, I walked. And I reached a bus stop that looked odd, with those orange-white barrels marking off areas where road work's being done but the stop itself was not marked as closed, so I waited, then so did a dad and his kid...and when a bus did stop, the driver opened the door and said "This stop is closed. Someone took the 'Stop Closed' sign." The driver let us board ("Hurry! The construction guys are going to get mad at us"), but clearly under protest. I dislike being made to feel that some guy stealing a sign was somehow my fault.

If I'd been an asshole, I'd've mentioned that to the driver. I was enough of an asshole to think it, but not enough of one to do it.

But at least I was then on a bus, and I reached the place I'd wanted to go, a Hawaiian poke bowl place called Poke Mon on Hawthorne. Lunch was garlic salmon in a bowl filled with salad greens, plus avocado, cucumber, red onions, cilantro and more, with a side of miso soup. There. Food is good. Good food is better.

That visit helped me feel a little better about the day. I then left, got on a bus to the Hawthorne Fred Meyer for a few basic groceries, then got on another bus back to my neighborhood (stopping at Carnelian Coffee on my way to the house). Good timing, too: I was inside when a brief hail storm hit.

Been taking it easy since then. Some nights are better than others. Tonight, so far, has been okay.

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