Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Find the pleasures.

More light in the afternoon and evening. I got out in it.

Heading home from work I got off my bus earlier than normal, stopping first at a bank for an ATM run then visiting a library branch for online time plus returning a DVD, and after that I did a small pleasure I'd missed:

I walked in the no-longer-as-sharply-cold air, as it was a warmer day than we'd had lately, and read a book while I walked. It's been a while since I'd done so. (The book: my second read of the starkly beautiful fantasy novel Silver on the Road, the first "The Devil's West" novel by Laura Anne Gilman. I'd been wanting to re-read that series.)

Finally: hints of warmer air, air that doesn't seem to have it in for you.

I will take pleasure where I can.

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