Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Oy and whoa, this week of work

On Wednesday I was so wiped out after work that within half an hour of arriving home, I was lying down and resting. Not napping, but I closed my eyes and relaxed. I needed that.*

Today was better, thank everything. And I'm glad I have reached my weekend. I've said before, and this is generally true, that while my job as a valet can get surprisingly complicated, it's not usually hard. This week, though, has felt like a fusillade of challenges flung at me. Clueless or just bad drivers at the airport. Things and people being In The Way.** Winding up in work situations that should not have happened. Trying to de-confuse confused people.

(Not once but twice this week, I had to chase down a driver, waving my arms and yelling, as they started to pull away in their car. At least I didn't have to run far, as both times they were in a parking garage. This is probably as specific as I should get about this in my blog.)

I was done, with not just work but with people, by late in my shift Wednesday. A side effect of this wearying week was that by then I was snappish and wanting to yell at people. I don't like feeling like that, so at times when I could I got away by myself, even if by just a few yards, and taking a breather. And since then I've felt my sense of humor coming back; it tends to hide on days like yesterday.

Like I said, today was better, though still challenging, but I and my co-workers met the challenges well enough.

Next week will be busy, but I'll hope it's not chaos.

* I rested for a couple of hours, in fact. Got up to eat a bit and also watch another episode of Season 2 of The Librarians. Then I actually slept.

** To quote, AS WE DO, Ludacris, "Move, Bitch, get out da waaaay, get out da waaaay, get out da waaaay..." (Seriously, we do.)
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