Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Relaxation Achieved

Today was just the sort of relaxing I needed. After taking care of the one responsible-adult thing I'd planned for today (writing a check for my credit card bill), I bussed up to Beulahland, saw Mary-Suzanne, and hung out for a few hours. I also had my second-ever Bloody Mary*, which Mary-Suzanne made for me. I liked it!

When I told her I wanted to try a Bloody Mary, I added "It's not for hangover reasons." I also decided on the bar's regular Bloody Mary, not the special variation that's listed on the menu. Something else to try later! (Though Bloody Marys are going to be just a "sometimes..." drink for me.)

Plus I started a poem while at Beulah. I hadn't written one (this one!) since November, and I'd been itching a bit to write one.

* My first was several years ago, a just-okay one at the now-defunct SE Portland bar Madison's. (Madison's later closed for health code violations, reopened under new owners who removed one letter from the signs out front to make the place into Mad Sons, then closed and re-reopened as a new location of Portland chain East Side Deli.)

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