Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A bee.

I tried.

On the MAX train home, a stop before my stop, I saw that a bee had gotten into the same car as me. It wanted out. It couldn't get out. It climbed up the window again and again, then flew a big and...wound up on the window once more.

I had what I hoped was a good idea: try to get the bee on the glove I had in my work bag, one of the gloves I wore in the past couple of months when it got extra-cold on the job, hoping the bee would get onto the glove and stand on it just long enough for me to get it to the door in time for it to open so the bee could fly free...

It didn't work. The bee would ho back to flying, and wind up back in front of a train window, and it was my stop.

Small favors: the train wasn't crowded, do less chance of a passenger freaking out over a bee. But the bee deserved a better place.

Sorry I couldn't get you out, bee. I hope you did, eventually.

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