Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Awake enough to write a post!

This week wiped me out. At least I was prepared for this:

We went into this week at work knowing it was going to be busy, so our bosses were okay with us arriving early, especially people like me who work in the morning. That's when we generally have the most cars dropped off. After a regular and not too busy Sunday, the start of my work week, I'd start an hour early or an hour-and-a-quarter early, based on when I arrived at the airport.

Friday, usually a day off, where'd I go in the morning? The airport, working extra hours. Friday turned out not to be as slammed as we thought it might be, so when I'd normally have gone to lunch I asked if I could clock out for the day instead. I got the okay.

Doing non-work stuff commenced. Because I could and had the time, I didn't leave the terminal via MAX train as usual but by walking, on the bike/pedestrian path that starts at the north end of the terminal. I got over to the Taco Bell near NE 82nd and Airport Way and had lunch, then walked again to the nearest MAX stop, Mt. Hood Avenue, and headed home.

Friday afternoon, after I rested at the house for a bit, where'd I go? The airport, BUT NOT FOR WORK. I drove, as I was in the mood to drive, and drove through a part of the airport I don't go to in my job. (It's the current detour that lets drivers who've gotten close to the airport but didn't in fact need to go to the terminal turn around. It's a bit of a mess due to construction, but now I know what some of the drivers around me while I'm working have driven through.) I then left and circled the airport, getting up to Marine Drive so I could drive along the airport's north edge. And also pay attention, because Marine Drive is on the top of a levee with very little protection if you drove off the road. Meaning, very little other than skill and luck would stop you from driving into the Columbia River. I DROVE CAREFULLY. Then continued into Northeast and North Portland to go to Bridge City Comics, which I hadn't been to in several weeks. I have more comics!

And since then, I've rested. I'm writing this from bed. I've only been out of it so far to go to the bathroom. Now to do non-resting stuff. And more non-work stuff.
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